About us

Mortgage Refinancing Company of Uzbekistan is a refinancing credit institution in the form of a joint stock company. JSC "Mortgage Refinancing Company of Uzbekistan" (UzMRC) was established by the Ministry of Finance in November 14, 2019 in accordance with Presidential Decree No. UP-5715 dated May 13, 2019, as a mechanism to ensure mortgage liquidity to solve the problem of long-term financing in the banking sector. The Сompany's charter capital is 100 billion soums.

The lack of a stable long-term resource base for commercial banks held back the growth of the mortgage market and, as a result, the growth of the construction market. The creation of UzMRC is intended to serve as a reliable source of long-term financing at attractive rates and at the same time ensure high standards of mortgage lending among commercial banks. The vector of the company's activities is to help commercial banks reduce the risk of mismatching maturities for attracted resources and provided loans, increase the availability of mortgage loans for a wide range of people.

The main tasks of the company:

  • Providing market-based financial resources to commercial banks to meet the growing demand of the population for affordable housing;
  • Attraction of financial resources in the domestic and international capital markets, including funds from international financial institutions and foreign government financial organizations, with their subsequent directing to refinancing mortgage loans;
  • Organization of the issue of securities, including mortgage ones, and their placement among investors;
  • Assisting in improving the mortgage lending system, introducing modern methods and tools for developing the mortgage market, increasing liquidity and reducing risks in the mortgage lending and mortgage securities market;
  • Participation in the development of a methodological and regulatory framework in the field of mortgage lending and refinancing, including by attracting foreign experts and specialists.